Gateron Switches vs. Cherry MX: A Clash of Keyboard Titans 

Updated: 01/12/2023


When it comes to mechanical switch keyboards, two names stand out as the titans of the industry: Gateron and Cherry MX. These two brands have been at the forefront of keyboard switches for years, providing users with exceptional typing and gaming experiences. This article will delve into Gateron switches and Cherry MX keyboards, exploring their history, types of switches, and the battle between Gateron and Cherry MX. Whether you’re a typist or a gamer, this article will help you decide which switch suits your keyboard.

Overview of Gateron Switches

Gateron Switches accessories: plastic pieces and spring set.

Gateron switches are mechanical keyboard switches that have gained popularity for their smooth keystrokes and affordable price. These switches are known for their reliability and durability, making them a top choice among gamers and typists. Gateron switches come in various types, each catering to different preferences and use cases. Some popular Gateron switches include Gateron Red, Gateron Brown switch, Gateron Blue, and Gateron Yellow. Each switch offers a unique typing or gaming experience, which we will explore in more detail later in this article.

The History of Gateron Switches and Cherry MX Keyboards

Gateron Switches diagram displaying different building types, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

To understand the battle between Gateron and Cherry MX, it’s essential to delve into their histories. Cherry MX switches were introduced in the 1980s and quickly became the industry standard for mechanical keyboards. These switches gained a reputation for reliability and consistency, making them a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts.

Gateron, on the other hand, entered the scene in 2000 and aimed to provide high-quality switches at a more affordable price. Over the years, Gateron has gained a loyal following and has become a strong competitor to Cherry MX.

Different Types of Gateron Switches

Gateron offers various switches to cater to different preferences and typing styles. Whether you prefer a linear, tactile, or clicky switch, Gateron covers you. Let’s take a closer look at each type of switch and explore their unique characteristics:

1. Gateron Red Switch: Smooth and Quiet

A white and red Gateron switch with a red button.

The Gateron Red switch is popular among keyboard enthusiasts for its smooth operation and quiet typing experience. As a linear switch, it lacks the tactile feedback of other switches, resulting in a quieter typing sound. With a moderate actuation force of 45g, the Gateron Red switch provides a light and effortless typing experience, making it suitable for various scenarios, including gaming, typing, and daily work.

2. Gateron Blue Switch: Clicky and Tactile

A Gateron Blue Switch: a white and blue switch with a blue button.

If you’re looking for a switch that offers a satisfying clicky sound and tactile feedback, the Gateron Blue switch is an excellent choice. With an actuation force of 60g, the Gateron Blue switch provides a moderate pressing force and a clear rebound, resulting in a distinct typing experience. Ideal for gaming and typing, this switch offers a balance between tactile feedback and audible clickiness, giving you a truly immersive typing experience.

3. Gateron Brown Switch: A Versatile Combination

Gateron Brown Switch with white and brown plastic cover.

The Gateron Brown switch combines the best of both worlds, offering a tactile bump while maintaining a smooth typing experience. With an actuation force of 55g, the Gateron Brown switch provides a moderate pressing force and a clear rebound, making it suitable for gaming, typing, and daily work. The tactile feedback of this switch adds a satisfying feel to each keystroke without disturbing the surrounding environment with excessive noise.

4. Gateron White Switch: Effortless Typing

Gateron White Switch: A white plastic switch with a gold-plated metal cover.

For those who prefer a light and effortless typing experience, the Gateron White switch is a perfect choice. With an actuation force of 35g, this linear switch requires minimal force to trigger, resulting in a smooth and effortless typing experience. The low actuation force also contributes to a relatively quiet typing sound, making it ideal for typing and daily work in noise-sensitive environments.

5. Gateron Yellow Switch: Rigid and Responsive

Gateron Yellow Switch with white and yellow casing and yellow button.

The Gateron Yellow Switch is gaining popularity among keyboard enthusiasts due to its unique characteristics. Like the Gateron Red switch, the Gateron Yellow switch is a linear switch with an actuation force of 50g. However, it offers a more rigid feedback, making each keystroke feel more precise and responsive. If you prefer a switch with stronger feedback and a fast rebound, the Gateron Yellow switch is an excellent choice for gaming, typing, and daily work.

6. Gateron Black Switch: Strong and Reliable

Gateron Black Switch - White plastic switch with black button.

If you’re a fan of strong feedback and prefer a stiffer typing experience, the Gateron Black switch is the switch for you. With an actuation force of 60g, this linear switch offers a stronger pressing force and a harder rebound, resulting in a more pronounced typing feel. The increased actuation force also reduces the chances of accidentally pressing the wrong key, making it ideal for gaming and typing enthusiasts who prefer more robust mechanical feedback.

7. Gateron Green Switch: Retro Typewriter Touch

Gateron Green Switch button with clear plastic cover.

For those who crave a vintage typewriter feel, the Gateron Green switch is the perfect choice. With an actuation force of 80g, this clicky switch offers a stronger pressing force and a harder rebound, reminiscent of old typewriters. The Gateron Green switch provides a high-intensity typing experience, making it ideal for users who enjoy more tactile and pronounced feedback.

The Battle of Gateron vs. Cherry MX switches

The battle between Gateron and Cherry MX switches is fierce, with each brand offering its own unique advantages. Let’s examine the key similarities and differences between Gateron and Cherry MX switches.

  • Key Similarities

Gateron and Cherry MX switches are mechanical, offering higher durability and responsiveness than membrane switches. They come in various types to cater to different preferences and use cases. Additionally, both brands have a strong following and have proven their reliability over the years.

  • Key Differences

One of the main differences between Gateron and Cherry MX switches is the smoothness of the keystrokes. Gateron switches are known for their buttery-smooth keystrokes, while Cherry MX switches have a slightly more tactile feel. Additionally, Gateron switches are often considered more affordable than Cherry MX switches, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious gamers and typists.

Comparing Gateron Red vs. Cherry MX Red switches

FeatureGateron RedCherry MX Red
Actuation force45cN45cN
Travel distance4.0mm4.0mm
Noise levelQuietQuiet
Bottom-out force55cN55cN
What does it feel like?Smooth, linear, and lightweightSmooth with slightly more tactility

SuitabilityGamers and typists who prefer a lighter touch
Typists who prefer a slightly more tactile feel

Gateron Red and Cherry MX Red switches are both linear switches that offer a smooth keystroke. However, there are some subtle differences between the two. Gateron Red switches are known for their smoothness and require less force to actuate than Cherry MX Red switches. This makes Gateron Red switches popular among gamers and typists who prefer a lighter touch.

On the other hand, Cherry MX Red switches have a slightly higher actuation force, which some users may find more comfortable for typing. Ultimately, the choice between Gateron Red and Cherry MX Red switches is a personal preference.

Gateron Brown vs. Cherry MX Brown

FeatureGateron BrownCherry MX Brown
Actuation force55cN45cN
Travel distance4.0mm4.0mm
Noise levelQuietQuiet
Bottom-out force60cN55cN
TactilityNoticeable tactile bumpSubtle tactile bump
SuitabilityTypists who prefer a tactile feel but don’t want a clicky soundTypists who prefer a subtle tactile feel

Gateron Brown and Cherry MX Brown switches are both tactile switches that provide a slight bump when you press them. The main difference between the two lies in the feel of the bump. Gateron Brown switches have a smoother bump than Cherry MX Brown switches, offering a more consistent typing experience. Some users may prefer the softer, smoother bump of Gateron Brown switches, while others may prefer the slightly more pronounced bump of Cherry MX Brown switches. It’s important to try both switches to determine which one feels more comfortable for your typing style.

Gateron Blue vs. Cherry MX Blue

FeatureGateron BlueCherry MX Blue
Actuation force50cN50cN
Travel distance4.0mm4.0mm
Noise levelLoudLoud
Bottom-out force60cN60cN
Click soundCrisp and high-pitchedCrisp and slightly deeper
SuitabilityTypists who prefer a loud and clicky soundTypists who prefer a slightly less loud clicky sound

If you’re a typist who enjoys a switch’s satisfying click sound and tactile feel, Gateron Blue and Cherry MX Blue switches are worth considering. Both switches offer a clicky experience, providing audible feedback with each keystroke. However, slight differences exist in the sound and feel of the click.

Gateron Blue switches are known for their crisp and loud click sound, while Cherry MX Blue switches have a slightly softer and more refined click. If you work in a shared office space or prefer a quieter typing experience, Cherry MX Blue switches may be the better choice. However, if you’re a fan of the classic clicky switch sound, Gateron Blue switches won’t disappoint.

Gateron Yellow vs. Cherry MX Black

FeatureGateron YellowCherry MX Black
Actuation force60cN60cN
Travel distance4.0mm4.0mm
Noise levelQuietVery quiet
Bottom-out force60cN60cN
What does it feel like?Smooth, long, and linearSmooth, long, and linear
SuitabilityUsers who prefer a smooth and silent linear switchUsers who prefer the quietest possible linear switch

Regarding gaming, the choice between Gateron Yellow and Cherry MX Black switches can significantly impact your performance. Gateron Yellow switches are linear switches offering a smooth keystroke with a slightly heavier feel than Gateron Red switches. This makes them popular among gamers who prefer a slightly heavier switch for gaming performance.

On the other hand, Cherry MX Black switches are also linear but have a heavier actuation force than Gateron Yellow switches. Some gamers may find the extra weight of Cherry MX Black switches beneficial for precise gaming movements. Ultimately, the choice between Gateron Yellow and Cherry MX Black switches depends on your gaming preferences and playstyle.

Price and Availability

Regarding pricing, Gateron switches have a slight edge over their Cherry MX counterparts. Gateron switches are generally more affordable, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. However, it’s important to note that the price difference is not significant and may vary depending on your location and the specific switches you choose. As for availability, both Gateron and Cherry MX switches are commonly found in the market, ensuring you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on them.

Conclusion: Making the switch to Gateron or Cherry MX

In the battle of Gateron vs. Cherry MX, both brands have proven their worth as top contenders in the mechanical keyboard world. Whether you prefer the smoothness of Gateron switches or the tactile feel of Cherry MX switches, both options offer exceptional typing and gaming experiences. Ultimately, the choice between Gateron and Cherry MX comes from personal preference. Consider factors such as smoothness, tactile feel, and actuation force when deciding. Whichever switch you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a high-quality keyboard switch that will enhance your typing or gaming experience.

Ready to take your typing or gaming experience to the next level? Explore the wide range of Gateron and Cherry MX keyboards and find the perfect switch.

What is Gateron MX switches?

Gateron MX switches are a popular brand of mechanical keyboard switches known for their smooth typing experience, affordability, and wide variety of options. They are often compared to Cherry MX switches, the industry standard.

Is Gateron Yellow heavier than red?

Yes, Gateron Yellow switches have a heavier spring (50g) than MX Red switches (45g), making them feel slightly heavier and requiring more press force. This can provide a deeper press and more feedback for some users.

Which Gateron switch is best?

The best Gateron switch depends on your individual preferences. Here are some popular options and their characteristics:

  • Gateron Yellow: Smooth linear switch with medium spring weight (50g), ideal for typing and gaming. 
  • Gateron Brown: Tactile switch with a bump for feedback, suitable for typing and general use. 
  • Gateron Blue: Clicky switch with a bump and audible click, ideal for tactile and auditory feedback.
Are Gateron switches fast?

Yes, Gateron switches can be fast, especially linear options like Gateron Yellows. Their smooth action and shorter travel distance allow quick keystrokes, making them suitable for gaming and fast typing.

Which Cherry MX switch is better?

Similar to Gateron, the best Cherry MX switch depends on your preference. Popular options include:

  • Cherry MX Red: Smooth linear switch with a light spring (45g), ideal for fast typing and gaming. (Keywords: cherry mx red, linear switch, light spring, fast typing, gaming)
  • Cherry MX Brown: Tactile switch with a bump for feedback, suitable for typing and general use. (Keywords: cherry mx brown, tactile switch, bump, typing, general use)
  • Cherry MX Blue: Clicky switch with a bump and audible click, ideal for those who want tactile and auditory feedback. (Keywords: cherry mx blue, clicky switch, bump, click, tactile, auditory)
Is Cherry MX Speed clicky?

No, Cherry MX Speed is not a clicky switch. It is a linear switch with an even shorter travel distance than other Cherry MX switches, making it one of the fastest options available.

What does Cherry MX mean?

Cherry MX is the brand name for the original mechanical keyboard switches manufactured by Cherry Corporation. They are widely used and considered the industry standard for mechanical keyboard switches.

Why is Cherry MX popular?

Cherry MX switches are popular for several reasons:

  • Durability: They are known for their long lifespan and reliability.
  • Consistency: They offer a consistent typing experience across different switches and keyboards.
  • Variety: They offer a wide variety of options for different typing preferences.
Is Gateron Yellow better than MX Red?

Choosing between Gateron Yellow and MX Red depends on your preference. Both are popular linear (smooth) switches, but Gateron Yellows have a slightly heavier spring (50g vs. 45g), offering a deeper press and more feedback than the MX Red, making them less prone to accidental key presses.

What are the best gaming keyboard switches?
  • Both Gateron and Cherry MX offer excellent switches for gaming.
  • The best option for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget.
What are the best budget keyboard switches?
  • Gateron switches are an excellent option for budget-minded keyboard enthusiasts.
  • They offer a good combination of quality and affordability.
How do Gateron switches compare to Cherry MX switches?
  • Gateron switches are generally considered smoother and quieter than Cherry MX switches.
  • They are also often more affordable.
  • However, Cherry MX switches have a longer track record and are often considered the “gold standard” for mechanical keyboard switches.

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